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  • The initial audit to obtain the ISO 9001:2015

    Successfully implemented a quality management system.

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    We produce various products of stainless steel.

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    Completed installation of hydro-power plant in Macedonia (Pelton turbine), Albania (Francis turbine) and South Korea (Kaplan turbine). Soon new projects in Macedonia, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegowina, Romania, Rwanda and Panama.

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    Our team includes young people of different professions.We strive to be better quality, more professional and create a reliable impression to customers. Our customers are our business partners, whose needs we are trying to adapt and find the most suitable and most economical solution in each business sector.


RENEXPO BiH (Fair of Renewable Energy Sources) - SARAJEVO, HOTEL HILLS (08/11 and 09/11/2017)

This year we were also participants of the fourth international fair and conference on renewable energy sources, energy efficiency, environmental protection and water management in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The fair was held in Sarajevo (Hotel Hills) on November 8 and 9, 2017. Our team for the installation of hydroturbines in cooperation with the Austrian company Gugler Gmbh has successfully implemented a large number of projects around the world (Albania, Macedonia, Italy, France, Turkey, Armenia, Lithuania, Romania, Kenya, Rwanda, Indonesia, Colombia, Chile, dr.).

For more detailed information on the types of hydroturbines we installed and commissioned in the countries mentioned above, see the following link:

For more detailed information on the types of hydroturbines we installed and commissioned in the countries mentioned above, see the following link:


Until now, as exhibitors, we attended the 3 previously held Renexpo Fair (2 times in Sarajevo and once in Belgrade).

For our part, the exhibitors were the owner of the company Č.J. d.o.o. Mr. Denis Čavkić and the leader of the hydroturbine assembly g. Smail Omeragić.

More information about the Renexpo fair can be found at the following link:



On 12.09.2017. We had a visit by Mr. Wolfgang Fellner from EMCO GmbH Austria.

EMCO GmbH is a successful Austrian company, founded in 1947. Since the founding of the company, the main activity was the production of conventional lathe machines. As the company grew and grew, so it has been transformed into a group of companies (EMCO Group), which has become one of the leading manufacturers of machine tools in Europe with headquarters in Austria, Germany and Italy. The EMCO group belongs to a group of top European manufacturers and is involved in the development of intelligent and innovative products within the machine industry.

Mr. Wolfgang Fellner expressed his satisfaction with the cooperation we have with us so far, as well as the desire to expand our cooperation in the coming period.

Firma Č.J. Ltd. Bihać with this company has been successfully cooperating for nearly 4 years.

Project HPP Karatas, Turkey

During the installation of two Francis turbines in Karatas (Turkey). Two turbines have a power of 1x2.104 kW, and one of 3.905 kW.

The initial audit to obtain the ISO 9001: 2015

Company Č.J. Ltd. Bihac is the initial audit that was carried out the day 25.04.2016. successfully met the criteria for obtaining the ISO 9001 certification, which is the company submitted for certification.

The resulting certificate is confirmation of a successful meeting the requirements of international standard ISO 9001 - Quality Management System. Organizations that have ISO 9001 certification proves successfully implemented a quality management system within your organization. Organizations may have established a quality management system according to ISO 9001, but only the process of certification proving that the system is successfully implemented and thus their clients and other market participants can have confidence in the quality management system in place.

An initial audit to obtain standards conducted the firm DNV GL with a positive outcome for the company Č.J. Ltd. Bihac, and we became the first company in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which is certified according to the new version of ISO 9001: 2015 by the certification company. DNV GL is a company whose main role is to enable organizations to make progress in the field of security about the sustainability of business processes.

About their areas of activity can read more on the official website.

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The company "Č.J." doo was founded in 1996, and since 2005 the main activity is production of metal constructions, switching elements, and various types of stainless steel products. We have a large number of specialized machines for metal processing (cutting, bending, turning), as well as welding-type MMA (eng. Manual Metal Arc Welding), MIG (eng. Metal Inert Gas), MAG (eng. Metal Active Gas) and TIG (eng. Tungsten Inert Gas). Our team consists of young people who are trained and specialized to perform all kinds of activities in the field of metal industry.

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