Montage and installation of hydro turbine in Rwanda

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  • ISO 9001:2015 periodic audit

    29.03.2018 a periodic audit has been successfully carried out for ISO 9001:2015

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  • Metal Constructions

    Production and Sale of metal constructions

  • The initial audit to obtain the ISO 9001:2015

    Successfully implemented a quality management system.

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  • Products of stainless steel

    We produce various products of stainless steel.

  • Montage

    Completed installation of hydro-power plant in Macedonia (Pelton turbine), Albania (Francis turbine) and South Korea (Kaplan turbine). Soon new projects in Macedonia, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegowina, Romania, Rwanda and Panama.

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  • Our team

    Our team includes young people of different professions.We strive to be better quality, more professional and create a reliable impression to customers. Our customers are our business partners, whose needs we are trying to adapt and find the most suitable and most economical solution in each business sector.


Adhering to the reliability and flexibility as our most important values, we try every day to anticipate the needs of our customers, exceed their expectations and work with them to achieve profitable and competitive results, what we have partly succeeded with getting the permission to label our products with CE mark which took us directly to the European Union market.

Using creativity and imagination and concrete approach to modern technology, our policy is to assist our clients in any stage of their business, overcome obstacles and produce winning solutions

Business success of Č. J. D.O.O. Bihac is based on the satisfaction and fulfillment of the expectations of our customers, owners and employees, suppliers, business partners and the communities in which we operate.

We have shown our commitment towards quality with obtaining certificatie for by the renowned house for accreditation in the field of standards, TUV Austria.EN ISO 3834-2 and EN1090-2 is fully implemented in our company.

The primary concern is devoted to customer satisfaction with quality of provided services, products, timely delivery and response, providing access to information about our products, services, and providing satisfying customer demands as well as legal and other mandatory requirements.

The thing that sets us apart from the competition is a young, professional, skilled and motivated staff, and impeccable work discipline whose distortion is considered as the most difficult form of violation of work responsibility.

All employees are required to:

- continually work to improve customer satisfaction

- continually improve the effectiveness of their actions

- have a positive effect on the environmentin their work processes

- comply with legal and other requirements, the internal regulations of Č. J. D.O.O. trough local, national and international regulations to protect nature and the environment

- in accordance with their respective responsibilities, to take actions to achieve these objectives.

An important segment of our quality policy is the insistence on an ongoing education of all employees in order to enable them to do independent, creative and innovative work that will meet the daily demands of business partners and business in general. We are deeply convinced and we know that human potential is one of the most important factors of success and progress, because only properly selected, motivated and satisfied employees can contribute to long-term prosperity of the organization.


Our vision is to improve the production technology to a higher level to meet the changing needs of our customers, and to lead our company to realize growth above the market. We strive to achieve more than they expect, our customers and associates while taking care to ensure the delivery of quality products and services. For our clients, colleagues and community we provide care and passion that our employees have for their work. Once we have achieved part of our original vision and successfully certified company by the standards EN 3834-2 and EN 1090-2, we at C.J.D.O.O. expanded our vision on integrated quality management system, and in the near future we will be certified with the ISO 9001 quality management standard.


Our mission is to realize an industrial solution for our customers from concept, through design to the project and even further. Customers are our primary focus and addressing their needs is our main priority. We believe it is important to always look ahead and anticipate their evolving needs, thinking of innovative ways to provide new technical solutions.


The strategy of the company is oriented towards:

- successful and positive business,

- continuous monitoring of product quality,

- continuous investment in technology and development,

- monitoring of customer requirements and market trends,

- quality communication and continuous education of employees,

- expansion of the market.


The company Č. J. D.O.O. continuously explore and examine various experiences and otherways of providing services that will lead to improvements in operations, all with a balance with the natural resources that surround us.


ISO 9001 Certifikat sustava upravljanja

Certifikati zavarivača - MAG

Certifikati zavarivača - TIG

EN 1090 Certifikat

Certifikat EN ISO 3834-2

About US...

C.J. d.o.o.
Mlinska bb
77000 Bihac
Bosna i Hercegovina
Telefon: +387 037 313 202
E-mail: info@cj-doo.com


The company "Č.J." doo was founded in 1996, and since 2005 the main activity is production of metal constructions, switching elements, and various types of stainless steel products. We have a large number of specialized machines for metal processing (cutting, bending, turning), as well as welding-type MMA (eng. Manual Metal Arc Welding), MIG (eng. Metal Inert Gas), MAG (eng. Metal Active Gas) and TIG (eng. Tungsten Inert Gas). Our team consists of young people who are trained and specialized to perform all kinds of activities in the field of metal industry.

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